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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Detox Retreats

Whoever said detox retreats are boring, clearly booked the wrong retreat!!! They should be a rejuvenating experience of growth, vibrant soul food & serenity. Over the past decade, I have found that we all need a lil detox to retox so that life flows like a beautiful adventure rather than a constant challenge to navigate. Whatever way you prefer to cleanse & recharge le batteries, remember to let go of the heavy & find what lights you up. As the Italians here say: “Godersi la vita in equilibrio” enjoy life in balance.

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Soul Food

In Dr. Emoto’s theory on water, consciousness & the power of intent, he proved that water molecules exposed to positive emotions, music & words has a magical effect as opposed to the molecules exposed to the negative.

The body is over 60% water – get the idea??

By simply shifting your perspective of a negative past experience, you can heal deep wounds that show up as anything from excess fat to disease & improve your quality of life.

For some +15yrs, I’ve watched & learned how our thoughts can shift our health. The body knows how to cure itself. We just need to get out of it’s way.

Teaching people how they can heal themselves with food won’t do a bit of good if they a Negative Nancy.

“Life is about Balance”

Now please don’t go calling me a Life Coach… or a Healer (that was my Great Grandmother, Mama Thibodeaux).

But as my Mama would say… “it’s bout time for some o dat Soul Food cher”

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Take care of me; I take care of you

Valentine’s Day can be challenging for those in a relationship… not to mention newly single folk

Expectations usually get in the way of enjoying the day designed for lovers

Relationships aren’t complicated until we confuse each other with our inner thoughts of should-a, would-a, could-a

We have a say’n down south…

“Take care me.. I take care you”

I say it often…

“And if all else fails, just remember to KISS” 💋


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