christy-profile6-150x150Christy von Aspern.

Co-Founder of Equilibrio Holistic Health in Monaco, Postural Rebalance Therapist, Motivation Coach & Nutrition Advisor of top athletes, new moms, high stress executives and their staff alike.

Really, just a Louisiana Cajun, who grew up on hot sauce in mama’s big family where you better know how to cook, sing or tell a good joke!

She moved to Europe after discovering, all along the Mississippi River is known as “Cancer Alley”   & fluoride was never meant to be in drinking water.   Folks in a small town outside of New Orleans, seem to think it is normal for a little boy & his sister to be diagnosed with tumors both under 10 yrs old.

When told surgery was the protocol for the third time at age 27, a dear friend explained health at a cellular level & how to detox the body. To many people’s amazement, with this method, the large cyst shrunk in just 6 weeks!

Ever since it became Christy’s passion to help people find their balance.

She supports bringing sustainable clean drinking water solutions to under privileged children & introduces detox clients to Dr. Emoto’s theory, Dr. Goodman’s Foundation Training, conscious consumption/ elimination and the power of intention.

“The body knows how to cure itself; we just need to get out of its way.”

6-Week Program


Equilibrio was born out of the intent to help people enjoy life in balance. We all make better choices when clarity of mind meets emotional intelligence and the body functions optimally. Let us help you find your own unique balance with our 6 week program designed after 8 years of working with all walks of life.

Our clients include people at the top of their game who value our discrete & bespoke approach to their needs. We are lucky to have international partnerships to take care of our clients who travel or work with us remotely via Skype. Should you successfully complete 48 days in balance you will be invited on one of EQ’s Detox Retreats. Equilibrio’s mission is making that shift sustainable which is why we require your commitment to just over a month with us.

Nutrition Coaching


Our 6-week program designed to help you enjoy life in balance, begins with Nutrition Coaching.  We teach you how to balance your body by learning health at a cellular level including conscious consumption/ elimination & Ph hydration.


Posture Rebalancing

We all know circulation is important but may not realize how much of an impact “text neck” & sitting have on the body.  Let us take you thru posture rebalancing & corrective exercise which will positively effect everything from your breathing to how people perceive you on a first impression.


Motivation Reset

The environment we live in has a lot to do with the sustainability of any new change.  It has been our experience that your shift only lasts if your home is conducive to enjoying life in balance.   During your 6 weeks with us we work with you to create a vibrant home and spark inspiration.


Detox Retreat



Each location is chosen for it’s serenity & comfort to take you on a weeks journey to optimal health.  Small groups are carefully chosen to ensure the utmost care is given to each guest. We honor your privacy and discreetly work with you to cleanse body, mind & soul.


  • Vegan Restaurant  
    • Would you like to open your own restaurant but need help choosing name, writing staff operational manual, handbook, building menu, training staff, finding talented vegan chefs, etc ???
  • Health Product Development
    • Are you creating your own health brand, need Vegan Formulator, sourcing of ingredients, manufacturing or help distributing your product internationally?
  • Conscious Closet
    • Wishing you had a Life-stylist who will connect you to sustainable brands & need help shifting your wardrobe to a more conscious closet?

*If any of the above consultancy appeals to your needs, please contact us with details describing your project & we will get back to you as soon as possible.